Neck Pain? - 3 Relief Options

28 January 2022
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Neck pain can take on different forms. It can be a persistent throbbing ache or a stiff neck. Irrespective of the cause of neck pain, it is a painful encounter that interrupts the quality of life and holds you back from doing things you enjoy. However, your neck pain shouldn't lead you to bow out of going for a fun activity with friends. Below are three neck relief options for you to consider.

Use Ergonomic Chairs, Comfortable Mattress, and Pillow

Most people work at their desks for at least eight hours a day. With poor posture, your workplace could be the reason behind your stiff neck. Therefore, consider investing in an ergonomic chair, keyboard, and mouse. If possible, adjust your computer and ensure it is at eye level for better sitting posture.

You should also invest in comfortable bedding and adopt good sleeping positions. Since poor sleeping positions could affect your neck, ensure you sleep facing either side instead of lying flat on your stomach when sleeping. Lying on your stomach causes neck strain which could result in pain.

Stretch Your Neck

When you have been experiencing neck pain due to stiffness, carefully stretching your neck could help. You need to slowly and carefully stretch to prevent worsening the pain. Use the below steps when stretching:

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Roll your shoulders back for a few minutes
  • Roll your shoulders forward for a few minutes
  • Lean your ear on your shoulder for a few seconds
  • Gently lean your other ear towards the other shoulder and hold it for a few seconds

Use Ice and Heat

Alternating between ice and heat can offer relief for your neck pain. Ice and heat are effective in treating inflammation and swelling. Begin with ice treatment. Get a plastic bag and fill it with ice. Alternatively, you can use an ice bag or a frozen bag of peas. Since ice is hard, it can hurt your skin. Therefore, wrap the plastic or ice bag with a piece of cloth before placing it on the painful area of your neck for a few minutes.

After using ice, wait for a while before using heat. For neck pain, moist heat will work better. Use a heating pad and put it on your neck for a few minutes. When using ice and heat, you need to be careful to avoid falling asleep during the procedure. Both ice and heat could damage your skin and cause more damage if left on the skin for long.

For more information, reach out to a local chiropractor.