Three Ways Chiropractic Care Promotes Full-Body Health

30 September 2015
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Visiting the chiropractor is often something that is seen as an action that's good for your back. However, chiropractic care can truly promote full-body health. Here are three ways that regular chiropractic adjustments can improve the health of your entire body and mind.

By improving flexibility

When your back is in proper alignment, all of your joints are able to absorb shock, bend, and otherwise function as they are supposed to. This increase in flexibility makes it easier for you to participate in physical activity without pain, so you're more likely to be active—and an active lifestyle certainly promotes health by reducing your risk of ailments like diabetes and heart disease.

When your back is aligned and your joints are absorbing shock properly, you're not placing excessive strain on them, so you'll also experience a lower risk of arthritis and other joint ailments.

By alleviating digestive ailments

Do you suffer from bouts of constipation? Maybe your stomach doesn't always feel right after you eat. Nerves that control all of your body's functions, including digestion, emerge from the spinal cord. If your spine is out of alignment, it might be putting excessive pressure on these nerves, leading to digestive distress. When you have your spine adjusted regularly, this pressure is relieved, and your digestive system is able to function like it should. A properly functioning digestive tract means better absorption of nutrients and improved overall health.

By improving immune function

Just like the nerves that control your digestive system emerge from your spinal column, so do those that control your immune system. If a misaligned spine is pressing on these nerves, you may find that you're coming down with colds or the flu more often, or that you're developing autoimmune disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Don't discontinue any treatments your doctor has you on for an immune condition, but also don't be surprised if once you start seeing a chiropractor regularly, many of the symptoms seem to subside. Your immune system will slowly regain its normal function as the pressure is relieved from these nerves.

Most anyone can benefit from regular chiropractic treatments – even if you don't necessarily have back pain. The benefits above are just a few of the many whole-body benefits you can look forward to with regular adjustments. To learn more about how chiropractic care can benefit you personally, speak with a professional like Dimond Chiropractic Center.