Three Reasons High School Football Players Should See The Chiropractor

6 October 2015
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If you have a son or daughter who plays high school football, then you're probably interested in doing all that you can to prevent injuries while also ensuring your child's success on the field. While proper training, coaching and nutrition play huge roles in these endeavors, there's something else you can do to keep your child safe on the field and also increase his or her sports aptitude: schedule regular chiropractor appointments. Here's a look at three reasons why your high school athlete should see the chiropractor regularly.

A properly adjusted spine means fewer joint injuries.

If your player's spine is out of a alignment, his or her weight may not be evenly distributed across the joints on either side of the body. This puts the athlete at an increased risk of injury with ever step. Overuse injuries, like shin splints and hip soreness, are more likely since one limb may be put under more stress than the other. When the spine is in proper alignment, all of the joints are able to bend and absorb shock as they should, so your child is less likely to complain of injuries and soreness. Less soreness means opportunities for more intense training, which is sure to improve your child's skills.

All of that tackling and jostling can put the spine out of alignment, causing ongoing issues later in life.

Football is a pretty rough sport, as you know. Even if your child does not feel any pain or soreness after being tackled or tackling another player, there is a good chance that an intense, head-on tackle could force some of the vertebrae out of alignment. Your child may not notice the effects until later in life, when a range of symptoms, from headaches to lower back pain, may develop. By visiting the chiropractor regularly, you can ensure that these misalignments following tackles are corrected immediately, rather than perpetuating an plaguing your child later on.

Your child will be more agile following an adjustment.

With the back in proper alignment, your child will be more agile than ever—and agility is important in football. This increased agility may lead to avoiding tackles, making more precise plays, and making better catches. An agile player is also less apt to get injured, since he or she can more easily move out of the way of another player.

Make your high school football player an appointment with the chiropractor, and get started down the road to greater success on the field. If your child has any ongoing soreness or other ailments from playing the sport, make sure you share these with the chiropractor, so he or she can work on treating them directly.