What You Need To Know About Incorporating Rolfing Into Your Athletic Regimen

23 October 2015
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When you participate in competitive sports, it is imperative to keep your body in excellent condition by training properly to avoid injuries and other problems. However, overuse of muscles and strains are common even among elite athletes. If you compete in sports, even at the recreational level, and struggle with chronic pain and injuries, you should consider Rolfing to help you stay healthy.

Rolfing 101

Created by prominent medical researcher Dr. Ida Rolf in the mid-1900s, Rolfing is a form of therapeutic body work that focuses on proper alignment of the body via deep tissue massage. Typically, patients undergo several Rolfing sessions to help realign the body's tissues that connect muscles and organs. Many natural health practices that offer chiropractic services also provide Rolfing sessions.

Famous athletes that have used Rolfing to help them perform well include figure skater Michelle Kwan, skier Sarah Will and baseball player Bob Tewksbury. Some sports franchises also hire Rolfers as part the team's medical staff.

Injury Recovery

For athletes, managing injuries is a way of life. Chronic problems like joint pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, muscle spasms and bursitis make it hard for athletes to perform at the top of their game. Rolfing can help to ease the symptoms of these conditions.

Some athletes also incorporate Rolfing into their regular recovery regimen in order to prevent old injuries from flaring up. Pro football player Cris Carter used Rolfing to help him recover faster from an ankle sprain that would have normally kept him out of commission for over a month.

Balance, Posture and Flexibility

Even world class athletes can develop bad habits that can affect their performance. Over time these bad habits can affect posture and movement.

Rolfing sessions can help athletes that are suffering from bad posture, limited range of motion and lack of flexibility. A certified Rolfer can also help athletes learn how to use their bodies in a more efficient manner in order to avoid resuming counterproductive workout habits.

Competition Prep

Athletes that hire Rolfers also count on the health practitioners to help prepare for upcoming competitions. A competitive edge over opponents is gained when the athletes perform with improved flexibility and relaxed muscles.

Covering the Costs of Rolfing Sessions

If you are worried about covering the costs of Rolfing sessions, you may be surprised to learn that some insurance companies will reimburse you for your treatment. Check with your insurance carrier to find out if Rolfing is covered or if you can pay for the treatment via your plan's health savings account.

Talk to a local chiropractor, such as at The Healing Center, to learn more of the benefits.