Body Pain: How A Chiropractor Can Treat It Naturally

29 October 2015
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Did you fall out of a tree and now have bad pain in your body? If you got examined by a physician and he or she said that it is not a serious problem, you may want to consider getting pain relief via a chiropractor. Find out below how a chiropractor (such as one from North Star Chiropractic Center) can relieve your body of pain without any drugs and what the service is estimated to cost. 

What Can a Chiropractor Do to Naturally Treat Body Pain?

At your initial appointment with the chiropractor, he or she will have to determine if you can safely be treated without further issues developing. If you have medical records showing that a physician confirmed that nothing major is wrong, you can hand them over to the chiropractor. If you did not see a physician, the chiropractor will have to give you a physical examination and x-ray.  The examination will give the chiropractor a good idea about how he or she should go about giving you pain relief.

If there is pain in your back, the chiropractor may use a technique called spinal manipulation to give you relief naturally. Basically, the chiropractor will get rid of the air that is trapped in between the spinal joints by maneuvering your back in strategic ways. As the air is released, it is probable that you will hear your back make popping noises. Keep in mind that the popping noises is nothing to be concerned about. Pain in the neck can also be relieved via spinal manipulation.

For pain in areas of your body like the legs and arms, the chiropractor may simply massage them. He or she will focus on getting rid of the tension in your muscles by massaging to promote better blood circulation. Massage tools are sometimes used by chiropractors, but nothing more than his or her hands is likely to be used during the session. The joints in your arms and legs can also be manipulated to release air for pain relief. You may need to go to a few sessions before your body experiences the full extent of pain relief.

What Does a Session with a Chiropractor for Pain Relief Cost?

Your initial session with a chiropractor can cost up to a little over $160. Whether or not x-rays are necessary will also have an effect on the price. Each additional session with the chiropractor is estimated at a minimum of $34. However, the additional sessions can cost over $100 on the highest end of the scale.  Talk to a chiropractor as soon as possible so he or she can relieve the pain in your body with natural techniques!