Your Immune System, Allergies And Asthma: 3 Associated Health Problems That Can Be Treated By Acupuncture

3 November 2015
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Given the recent increase in popularity of many types of alternative medicine and thousands of years' worth of use, it is not surprising to discover that acupuncture is now an accepted example of medical care, even for people who might previously have doubted its efficacy. However, it is important to note that although some of the most common problems that can be positively impacted by acupuncture tend to be well-known, there are numerous other health challenges that could similarly benefit that you may not know about. Below are three physical problems that have improved following regular acupuncture treatment:

#1-improving Your Immune System

If it seems that you catch viruses or infections more often than most people, it could be that your immune system needs to be improved. In that instance, it is a good idea to remember that acupuncture has been established as a visible way to improve the function of the immune system. Research suggests that acupuncture can be used to correct the function of your immune system, and therefore reduce the amount of sick time you experience. When it works as it should, you will also be less prone to allergy flare-ups, as mentioned below.

#2-By Improving Your Immune System, You May Experience Fewer Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are the direct result of your immune system becoming overstimulated and attacking foreign objects that it does not understand. When it runs as it should, it is less likely to attack pollen, cedar, hay and other seasonal allergens. That also means that the the congestion, runny nose, red eyes, coughing and other unfortunate symptoms of seasonal allergies are lessened. The previously mentioned research that provided helpful information about the immune system has also established that as few as 12 sessions with an acupuncturist can have you noticing an obvious improvement.

#3-Fewer Seasonal Allergies Results In Fewer Asthmatic Symptoms

It only makes sense that when you experience fewer allergic reactions to particles of the air, you will breathe better. Since many who suffer from asthma have attacks that are triggered by allergens, gaining control of one symptom is essential to gaining control of the other. That means being able to lower or eliminate the use of the medication you use to control your asthma, and potentially a longer life. Since about 3,500 people die each year in the United States as the result of their asthma, gaining effective control of it is crucial.

In conclusion, acupuncture's growing acceptance and usage by a wide array of patients has allowed many people to reduce or eliminate medication or medical procedures. If you would like to feel better and enjoy an improved quality of life, it is time to speak with an experienced acupuncturist.

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