Three Healthy Habits That Can Have a Positive Impact on Back Pain

4 November 2015
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Back pain can limit your mobility, dampen your mood and even lower your overall quality of life. You can find improvement in your level of discomfort through chiropractic care. If you haven't yet sought out chiropractic help, consider looking into local chiropractors, such as Findlay Chiropractic Clinic PC, to discuss your concerns and what may be best for you. A series of adjustments can help you restore your spine's natural curve, take pressure off your muscles and nerves and lower your pain. In between visits to your chiropractor, you can take a number of steps in your daily routine to keep your discomfort at bay. Incorporating simple changes into your life can help the chiropractor's efforts and result in you living a pain-free life as quickly as possible. Here are some ideas that can help.

Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine

Many people with back pain are hesitant to perform much exercise, but doing so can be exactly what's needed to help manage the discomfort. While your workout shouldn't worsen your pain, you can often perform simple aerobic activities such as swimming, walking and riding your bicycle with ease. These activities can promote improved flexibility while also allowing more blood to flow to your back, which can help the healing process. Exercise is also an effective way to improve your mood, which could be suffering because of your back pain.

Change How You Sleep

Sleeping in an improper position can worsen your back pain and even lessen the efficacy of your chiropractor's treatments. Sleeping on your back or on your side is preferable to sleeping on your stomach when you have back pain. The proper placement of pillows can help to keep your spine in a neutral, comfortable position while you're asleep. While lying on your back, position a pillow underneath your knees to alleviate pressure on your low back; if you're someone who sleeps on either side, bending your legs gently and holding a pillow between them is ideal because it prevents your top leg from sliding forward and putting pressure on your spine.

Seek Relief From Your Stress

Back pain and stress share a link -- stress can both cause back pain and worsen an existing ailment, given that emotional anxiety often leads to tightened muscles, poor posture and a decrease in exercise. You can find relief from your stress in a multitude of ways, including taking a yoga or meditation class or specifically making time every week for a valued hobby. At work, meeting with an HR representative or your immediate supervisor and looking for a way to lessen your stress -- for example, a slight change in your daily duties -- can be effective.