Steps To Take After You Are Involved In A Car Accident

31 October 2016
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If you are involved in a car accident with another party, you will most likely want to be compensated for any injuries sustained as well as vehicle damage caused by the incident. There are several steps you should take immediately after a car accident occurs in an attempt to get medical help and to improve your chances of having your expenses paid for if needed. Here are some tips to use directly after the accident to receive necessary medical assistance as well as protect yourself should the incident require a courtroom solution in the future.

Call For Assistance Right Away

As soon as your vehicle is impacted by another vehicle, it is important to make a phone call to an emergency medical service. They will come to the scene to check your injuries and determine the correct action to be taken. It is important not to move around if possible. Often people find they sustain injuries that they do not feel until a later date. Because of the intensity of a car accident experience, shock may mask symptoms of injuries. Calling for assistance ensures you will have an evaluation to back up claims of an injury should one occur later down the road.

Get Photographs And Witnesses

If possible, ask someone else at the scene take pictures of both vehicles involved in the accident. This can prove to be valuable if you find the other party involved gives you trouble in paying for any medical expenses or auto body repairs needed. Since it is not lucrative to move around, asking a witness at the scene of the accident to take the photographs is best. You can also ask medical help to take photos as you are loaded onto their vehicle to be taken to a hospital. Make sure to ask anyone who was nearby to give you their names and numbers should you need to call them later to be witnesses if you go to court.

Follow Up With Physicians

It is extremely important to see additional physicians after your initial treatment if you find you have pain in the days after the accident occurs. Seeing your family doctor or a chiropractor can be beneficial in alleviating pain from the impact. They will also provide you with documentation to use in a courtroom if needed. Make sure to follow all orders regarding prescription medication use and do not cancel appointments as this will make your injuries appear as if they are not as intensive as you claim.

Retain Documentation From A Repair Shop

Bring your vehicle to an auto body shop for a complete assessment. Ask the workers to draft you a document to use to prove the incident was not caused by your own fault. The impact areas may have clues present such as paint scraped in a specific direction or metal pushed in at a strange angle. These clues may help prove the impact could have only been caused by another.

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