A Few Reasons To See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

22 August 2018
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When you are involved in a car accident, regardless of the severity of it, you are going to be shaken up emotionally. If there are obvious injuries you will, of course, go to an emergency room to be treated. However, when there are no obvious problems, or you feel that everything is okay, there could be something wrong you are not able to notice in your upset emotional state. If over the next few days you find yourself feeling a bit out of sorts, you should consider seeing a chiropractor to take a look at things just to be sure there is nothing permanently wrong. Here are just a few ways this can help.


During an accident, it is possible to create tiny tears in your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These are often the reason you wake up feeling sore and unable to move comfortably a day or two after the accident. A chiropractor can manipulate the spine to release anti-inflammatory agents that will reduce the swelling and help ease the pain. While the tears will heal eventually, you could find yourself in pain for quite a few months.

Spine Realignment

Quite often during a car accident, the sudden impact will jar your body in such a way that parts of the spine shift just a bit. This causes the entire spinal column to be out of alignment, which can result in slipped or herniated discs. These discs cause problems and pain on their own but can also put pressure on nerves that will cause pain in other areas of your body. Having the spine realigned will help to make you feel better and enable you to move better. If left alone, this kind of damage can be permanent. 

Scar Tissue

Torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments form scar tissue as they heal. This tissue can cause pain and inhibit movement for the rest of your life. During regular chiropractic treatments, the doctor will use techniques to reduce the formation of scars. You will not only feel better but will feel better faster.

In many ways, a chiropractor is an auto injury expert. They find and cure many problems that other doctors will treat with medications or surgery. The treatments employed by a chiropractor will not require drugs and will be non-invasive. If you are feeling a bit sore or have a headache after a vehicle accident, go see a chiropractor to get things taken care of before they get any worse.