3 Tips For Recovering From A Spinal Cord Injury

4 December 2018
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Spinal cord injuries are a fairly common occurrence today, affecting between approximately 250,000 and half a million people each year. These injuries greatly differ in severity, but always need your attention, since your spinal cord, neck, and back are crucial to your overall and ongoing health. In this regard, there are some treatments and health factors that you need to understand, in order to get back on your feet and get the help necessary. Read More 

A Few Reasons To See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

22 August 2018
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When you are involved in a car accident, regardless of the severity of it, you are going to be shaken up emotionally. If there are obvious injuries you will, of course, go to an emergency room to be treated. However, when there are no obvious problems, or you feel that everything is okay, there could be something wrong you are not able to notice in your upset emotional state. If over the next few days you find yourself feeling a bit out of sorts, you should consider seeing a chiropractor to take a look at things just to be sure there is nothing permanently wrong. Read More 

Treating & Preventing Lower Back Pain Prior To Enlisting In The Military

1 June 2018
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Enlisting in the military is one of the most important decisions one can make in their life. For those who are already experiencing low back pain, the decision should be carefully considered. The reason for this is because one of the most common reasons for disability in the military is low back pain. However, you can still enlist in the military with low back pain, as long as you pass the medical standards evaluation at the military entrance processing station (MEPS) or obtain a waiver. Read More